islamophobic breaks my heart

islam, the second largest religion in the world, is derived from the word means ‘peace’. caused by terrorism, islam’s name is tarnished. this religion of peace turns out to be a religion of war.


some sentiments and discriminations lead to muslim. aung san suu kyi—nobel peace prize awardee—just made an anti-muslim sentiment. she has said, “no one told me i was going to be interviewed by a muslim,” after being interviewed by bbc about muslim-buddhist relations in myanmar.

donald trump thinks, “islam hates us.” while in december last year, trump suggests to ban muslim to enter united states.

discrimination also happened to an american muslim family in united states. a family of five—father, mother, and three children—were expelled from the plane. pilot told them that it was for ‘security issue’. helpless, they just obeyed.

sadly, that kind of inequity is not the first time coming to pass. before, four men, three muslims and one sikh are being outcasted from the plane. this is funny because the pilot didn’t even know the difference between muslim and sikh. stupid.

spat also happened in india. the relationship between muslim and hindu seems to be not so well. there were many religious violences in india that caused death to both religions’ followers. so hindus have some sentiments to muslim and vice versa.

there are some stereotypes about muslim such as muslim teaches violence, muslim is a threat, muslims are terrorists, etc.

it breaks my heart when people are judging muslim this or muslim that. not all muslims are like that. the percentage of hard-liners to all muslims in the world is really small. thus, what the terrorists do is not exactly islamic teachings.

there are some quran’s poetic verse being used by hard-liners as their justifications to do violence. some of it used obsolete terms refer to what happened in the past. actually, you need to know islam history to understand the meaning. it cannot be interpreted literally.

well, one of Allah’s name is as salaam which means peace. prophet Muhammad used to entreat his Lord in his daily prayer: “o God, you are the original source of peace; from You is all peace, and to You returns all peace. so, make us live with peace; and let us enter paradise: the house of peace. blessed be You, our Lord, to whom belongs all majesty and honour.”

keep an open mind. islam is peace. 🙂



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