the real kwang-soo [?]

Lee Kwang-Soo. without knowing this guy’s image before, at first i find him attractive. really. i saw him first time at the 36th episode of running man. my friend showed me and told, “there’s this funny korean variety show that you should watch”. and now i get myself addicted to running man.

so this is the first scene i saw kwang soo. the running man have to sit in front of a burning bbq and prohibited to gulp. -.-

i was like “aww.. that guy is cute. he can look manly and funny at the same time.” that was my first thought of kwang soo.

and episodes by episodes running man i watched, i found this guy is kinda not like the first time i framed he was. but in my mind, somewhat i still think that was just acting and that’s exactly the image he’s trying to build. being a geeky sloppy weak guy. i don’t like a geeky stupid looking guy, so i was lost my interest at him in running  man. :s

but after watching some episodes randomly,  i get to the conclusion that kwang soo is not really the image he’s trying to show right now.

at the first 10 episodes, he doesn’t really outstanding. he doesn’t talk much. but from episode 11st, i kinda started to like him [again]. he looks good with the mustache and under lips thin beard. he’s doing a lot of sabotage talking—which i found it’s funny. but kwang soo’s superfunny part is the episode 14th when he won “joining the words” and became the mc for that game. then he’s getting funnier (and sillier) at the 15th episode when he’s trying to get ji hyo’s heartbeat above 130, by saying ji hyo is an alcoholic. whaaaat?! 😀

then i think i get my instinct about him is true when i saw the 17th episode. that’s when there was kwang soo’s junior in his high school. that junior said some rumours about him. first, she said that kwang soo likes to beat his friends at his former school. second, kwang soo used to spit when he come outside the door. and last, he never refuse a woman’s love confession to him. hmm. such a bad guy.

Imagehe denied, but looked ashamed, and showed this.


Imagedamn, his acting is good.

and in july 2012, kwang soo’s past pictures was spreading on the internet.Image


i don’t understand why he’s keeping the image of a geeky sloppy weak guy now. how good is that for his carreer, really?


which image of kwang soo do you like more?


3 thoughts on “the real kwang-soo [?]

  1. @ammar actually LKS acts like that(silly/stupid weak guy) because the PD told him to because in real life he’s actually smart and does things quickly, even he has a degree

  2. if the rumor is true, there tend to be ppl posting even more pic + post about it….especially when his popularity rise like tht…it unlikely those posts didn’t increase within all these years for those claim…and those pic are from his modelling days…..i rlly doubt if the rumor is true..but it could be and quite natural happens among boys.

  3. I don’t know if he is stupid or not in real life. Or maybe he is just not good in accomplishing spy mission in RM. In RM episode 203, whatever he does to tag off other’s name tag will draw suspicion or half way done. He really is not smart in spying game. I’m still watching the episode halfway as I’m writing this and I literally have to pause the vid quite a few time whenever he tries to remove other’s name tag just because the plan is obviously ridiculous. Then I will smh. But in the end, I think it’s just a game (eventhough he could do it better). He is so funny and oblivion 🙂

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